Writing from the Flaw

    1. Writing from the Flaw

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  • £15.00
  • 1 hour of video content

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This course is for long-form writers of all levels who want to create truthfully-observed and moving stories. Bridging techniques from creative writing and screenwriting with evidence-based insights from psychology, in this workshop you will learn:

  • How people develop their "flaw" and what we can learn from this to write more compelling characters

  • How the character's "wound" creates flawed beliefs about the world, flawed personality traits and a driving emotion

  • How character's goals should be framed by their flaw

  • How particular life experiences help characters overcome their flaw

  • Why some characters become more entrenched in their flaw and what happens as a result

  • How to structure from the flaw and how the flaw relates to the theme

Social proof: testimonials

“Your character flaw class was the single most useful information I've received in ten years of studying screenwriting.”

Fiona Linton, MFA Creative Writing

“Excellent stuff from Kira-Anne Pelican – very acute analysis of writing characters from their flaw, and what that means for a screenplay. Only an hour, but incredibly useful and has got this writer thinking along new lines… ”

Toby Reynolds

“What a fabulous journey into a character with Kira-Anne Pelican, this time it was about writing from the flaw, in other words why give our character flaws and what is the psychological approach to the flaw to trigger emotions and develop an interesting story. Kira-Anne is a brilliant speaker and analyst, highly experienced in psychology, offering an exhaustive and exciting practical and intellectual approach to the creation of a lively character in order to achieve the best possible piece. With cinematic examples, slides, as well as diverse personal and professional references, Kira-Anne manages to offer a compelling and interactive session, the participants being invited to ask questions, to exchange and to offer their own way of seeing things. To have flaws or not to have flaws, you will learn about the fabulous dilemma. And in the end what can you really call a flaw ? I had a wonderful time.”

Beatrice Colbrant

“The Webinar on FLAW was terrific as expected.”


“It's breath-takingly amazing! ”

Abhishek Mishra, Writer

“Excellent! Kira-Anne has a way of delivering the deep psychological complexities of compelling characters in a relaxed and easy to understand way. She moves at a pace to ensure you understand and leaves enough time to answer questions. I thoroughly recommend this and any course/feedback that Kira-Anne gives and will definitely be doing more of her classes/workshops! ”

Nadine W, screenwriter